web presence

As the name suggests the concept for web shape was started by a group of IT veterans to share their knowledge and experience in the software industry and to contribute to the public in general.

The idea was conceived almost a decade ago when the web industry started booming and everyone started getting online be it a consumer or a business.

    The need for convenience led to the increase in the web presence of business across the globe. But many businesses either failed or have struggled to stabilize themselves. To educate and help these we came into existence so that we could educate you on your system usage and how you could grow your knowledge and impart it to your peers.

online business

Webshape brings you the knowledge about the dificulties one could face while setting up their online business and how to resolve these so that you could grow substancially and extend the knowledge by sharing the content which is freely available on this website.

You will understand about testing your application before it is released in the market so that it runs successfully and if you have chosen the right web host and your system is capable of handling extreme situations when the need arises.